Speakers 2007-2008

September 21

Dr. E. Glenn Schellenberg
Department of Psychology
University of Toronto

"Does Music Make You Smarter"


September 28

No Colloquium



October 5

Dr. Paul Rozin
Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania

"Exploring the landscape of modern academic psychology: Finding and filling the holes"

October 19

Dr. Larry Barsalou
Cognition & Development
Emory University

"Grounding Knowledge in the Brain's Modal Systems"
October 26 No Colloquium



November 2

Dr. Prahlad Gupta
Department of Psychology
University of Iowa

"Three questions regarding phonological short-term memory  What is it?  Does it causally affect vocabulary growth? Do conflicting accounts need to conflict?"


November 30 Dr. James W. Lewis
Department of Physiology &  Pharmacology
West Virginia University School of  Medicine
"Cortical processing of auditory objects and action knowledge" Abstract
December 14 No Colloquium --- ---

January 18

No Colloquium ---


February 15

Dr. John Abela
Department of Psychology
McGill University 

"Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression in Children and Adolescents"


February 22

Dr. Lauren Riters
Department of Zoology
The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Why do birds sing? Neuroendocrine regulation of socially-appropriate vocal communication"


March 7

Dr. Rod Martin
Department of Psychology
The University of Western Ontario

"What's so Funny?:  Studying the Psychology of Humour"


March 14

Dr. David Rosenbaum
Department of Psychology
Penn State University

"Putting Thought Into Action"


March 24/25

Dr. Doug Kenrick
Department of Psychology
Arizona State University

"Evolutionary social cognition: How the mind warps" Abstract
March 28 Dr. Anne Treisman
Department of Psychology
Princeton University
"Broad or narrow focus of attention:  how does it determine what we see?" Abstract

April 4

Dr. Vicki Esses
Department of Psychology
The University of Western Ontario



April 11

Dr. Greg Maio
School of Psychology
Cardiff University of Wales

"What is the Place of "Values" among Attitudes, Motives and Traits?" Abstract
April 18

Dr. Annette Karmiloff-Smith
School of Psychology
Birkbeck College
University of London
United Kingdom

"Modules, genes and evolution: a view from developmental cognitive neuroscience"


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