Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology is a scientific field in which psychological principles are applied to the workplace. At the University of Western Ontario, we train students according to the tenets of the scientist-practitioner model. Our goal is to provide world-class training in the development and advancement of scientific principles and their resulting practical applications for organizational success and individual well-being.

The I/O Psychology area at the University of Western Ontario is led by a faculty of leading researchers in broad areas including personnel selection, leadership, workplace attitudes, and teamwork. Our program encourages research collaborations among students and faculty, and these often result in publications in top-tier journals. We balance research exposure with opportunities to gain applied consulting experience through our Research Unit for Work and Productivity (RUWP), which is a student-led initiative that tackles several consulting projects each year. In sum, our program includes a spectrum of opportunities for learning the science and practice of I/O Psychology.

Faculty in this cluster include: Dr. Alex Benson, Dr. M. Blair Evans, Dr. Joan FineganDr. Richard GoffinDr. John Meyer, Dr. Johanna Weststar