Speakers 2011-2012





Sept. 30

Dr. Daniel Ansari
Western University


The numerate brain:  Development, enculturation and individual differences

Nov. 18

Dr. Ori Friedman
University of Waterloo

Adults' and children's notions of property ownership

Principles guiding young children's reasoning about ownership

Dec. 2

Dr. Shinobu Kitayama
University of Michigan

Cultural Neuroscience

Brain Plasticity in Varying Social Contexts

Feb. 10

Dr. Julian Barling
Queen's University

Leaders' mental health/illness and the quality of their leadership behaviours

Being well, leading well: Leaders' psychological well-being predicts leadership behaviours

Mar. 23

Dr. Dan McAdams
Northwestern University

Narrative Psychology

The redemptive self: Generativity and the stories Americans live by

Apr. 20

Dr. Kate Harkness
Queen's University

Major Depressive Disorder

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