Speakers 2012-2013


Speaker / Institution

Talk Title

Sept. 26

Dr. Sam Chamberlain
University of Cambridge

Just can't stop myself: translational approaches for obsessive-compulsive disorders

Nov. 2

Dr. Nicholas Turk-Browne
Princeton University

Statistical learning in the mind and brain

Nov. 9

Dr. Morgan Barense
University of Toronto

Perceiving, remembering, and resolving interference: Joined by a common representational threat?

Nov. 30

Dr. Michael Norton
Harvard Business School

Money and Happiness, Giving and Getting

*Jan. 11

Dr. Giulio Tononi
University of

From Theory to Practice"

Jan. 25

Dr. Patrick Kanold
University of Maryland

How to wire up a brain? Circuits that regulate cortical development and plasticity

Feb. 1

Dr. Debra Titone
McGill University

What the eyes tell us about bilingual language comprehension & production

March 1
Dr. Julien Doyon
University of Montreal
Brain plasticity associated with learning and consolidation of motor skills
March 8
Dr. Jerome Busemeyer

Indiana University

Quantum models of cognition and decision

April 5

Dr. David Leopold
National Institute of Health
Using natural videos to map social circuits in the nonhuman primate brain
April 12 Dr. Dean Mobbs
Columbia University
Survival intelligence and nervous system


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