Speakers 2013-2014


Speaker / Institution

Talk Title

Sept. 20

Dr. Stuart Fogel
Western University

EEG-fMRI correlates of sleep-dependent motor memory consolidation

*Sept. 23

Dr. Marlene Behrmann
Carnegie Mellon University

Distributed neural circuits, not circumscribed centers, mediate both face and word recognition

 Nov. 29


Dr. Jerome Busemeyer
Indiana University

A psychological introduction to quantum models of cognition and decision


Dr. David Lewkowicz
Florida Atlantic University

The development of multisensory perception & expertise in human infants

- 2014 -
Jan. 24 Dr. Michael Anderson
Franklin & Marshall College
After phrenology: Neural reuse and
the interactive brain

Feb. 7

Dr. David White
Wilfrid Laurier University

The form, function and development
of a social mind

Feb. 28 Dr. Julien Doyon
University of Montreal

Neural and physiological correlates
of motor skill learning and consolidation

Mar. 7 Dr. Christopher Honey
University of Toronto
Uncovering stimulus-induced network dynamics during narrative comprehension
Mar. 14 Dr. Rudolf Uher
Dalhousie University

Genes, environment and psycho-pathological antecedents to severe mental illness

  Mar. 28

Dr. Jennifer Ryan
Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest
University of Toronto

Eye movement and oscillatory contributions to relational memory binding

 April 4 Dr. Yuko Munakata
University of Colorado at Boulder
Developing inhibitory control 

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