Colloquium Speakers

The colloquia are held Fridays at 3:00 p.m. in University Community Centre (UCC), Room 41 unless otherwise noted.

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Date Speaker/Institution Talk Title Remarks
Sept. 26 Dr. Aaron Newman
Dalhousie University
Neuroplasticity of Language: From basic research to clinical and commercial applications Abstract
Oct. 24 Dr. Benjamin Hankin
Univesity of Denver
Of ogres and onions: A developmental psychopathology perspective on depression among youth Abstract
Nov. 7 Dr. Laurel Trainor  
McMaster Univesity
Auditory development in infants: From perceiving music to social behaviour Abstract
Jan. 23 Dr. Robert Hampton
Emory University
Cognitive monitoring and cognitive control in monkeys Abstract
Feb. 27 Dr. Hugo Merchant
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Rhythmic Entrainment in Primates: Behavioral and Neurophysiological Properties Abstract
Mar. 13 Dr. Brent Roberts
Univesity of Illinois
Personality traits change as a result of therapy Abstract
Mar. 27 Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould
University of Toronto
Deconstructing Intergroup Contact and Prejudice in Everyday Life Abstract
Apr. 10 Dr. Suzanne Bell
DePaul University
CANCELLED: Putting Team Composition Research in Context: How the Mix of Team Members influences Team Effectiveness in and out of this World Abstract

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