Colloquium Speakers

The colloquia are held Fridays at 3:00 p.m. in University Community Centre (UCC), Room 41 (Fall 2016) and Room 56 (Winter 2017) unless otherwise noted. The talk will be followed by a reception at The Wave.

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Date Speaker/Institution Talk Title
Sept. 16 Dr. Delroy Paulhus
University of British Columbia
The dark tetrad of personality
Oct. 14 Dr. Uli Schimmack
University of Toronto
How replicable is psychological research?
Oct. 21 Dr. Mark Sabbagh
Queens University
How children’s brains change their minds
Nov. 25 Daphne Maurer Critical Periods Re-Examined: Evidence from Children Visually Deprived by Cataracts
Dec. 2 Dr. Jennifer Bartz
McGill University
The pharmacological dissection of affiliation
Jan. 13 Dr. Lisa Diamond
University of Utah
Sexual Orientation, Sexual Fluidity, and the Trouble with “Born that Way”
Jan. 27 Dr. Amy Bastian
Johns Hopkins University
Feb. 10 Dr. Katherine Duncan
University of Toronto
Reading between the trials: How learning and memory relate to background measures of functional connectivity
Mar. 3 Dr. Vladas Griskevicius
University of Minnesota
Can Growing Up in a Stressful Environment Enhance Decision Making in Adulthood?
Mar. 31 Dr. Ron Rogge
University of Rochester
An implicit approach to understanding naturally occurring and therapeutic change in close relationships

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