Undergraduate Psychology Program Counselling

Undergraduate Program Counselling

For Psychology Undergraduate Program Counselling, please make an appointment to see RAMONA FUDGE, the Psychology Undergraduate Program Advisor. To book a date and time for an over-the-phone appointment, please click on the "Book Now" icon below. PLEASE NOTE: IN-PERSON appointments are not being taken at this time.

If you require an appointment beyond the days available at the calendar link, please call the Psychology Department’s Main Office at 519-661-2067. In exceptional circumstances, a morning appointment can be arranged; in this situation, please contact the Main Office.

Alternatively, you may direct any brief Psychology Undergraduate inquiries to the Psychology Undergraduate Program Advisor at psycouns@uwo.ca.

***Please note that we use an externally hosted software solution to assist with booking your appointment that is hosted through Google Cloud Datastore. As such you will be required to provide personal information needed to assist you with your appointment (read their privacy policy). If you are uncomfortable with using this service please call the Main Office (519-661-2067) to book your appointment instead. By following/clicking the link below and completing your booking you agree to the privacy policy of the host.

To book an appointment with the Program Advisor click the Book Now button below:
link to booking calendar

Faculty of Social Science Counselling

For Faculty of Social Science Counselling, please visit: http://counselling.ssc.uwo.ca/ 

Students graduating with a Undergraduate Degree in Psychology at Western who have truly availed themselves of the educational opportunities we provide will have the skills many employers are looking for. To find out more, read this 2013 article by Dr. Tara Kuther, posted on the American Psychological Association's Student Network page: "What employers seek in job applicants: You’ve got the skills they want"

Medical/Personal Problem

If you feel that you have a medical or personal problem that is interfering with your work, you should contact your home Faculty Academic Counselling Office and your instructor as soon as possible. Problems may then be documented and possible arrangements to assist you can be discussed at the time of the occurrence rather than on a retroactive basis. In general, retroactive requests for grade revisions on medical or compassionate grounds will not be considered.
Lastly, it is always most helpful to include your full name and student number on all academic correspondence or when leaving a voicemail message.

Intent to Register

Information regarding Intent to Register (ITR) can be found on our youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlv3e3xqOj8