Graduate Course List 2020-2021

Any discrepancies between the information listed below and the official course listings found at the Psychology Graduate Office the latter shall prevail.

course listings 2020-2021
Course Course Title Instructor
PSYCHOL 9540 Res Design Stat Modeling Dr. Paul Tremblay
PSYCHOL 9040A Scientific Computing Dr. Paul Gribble
PSYCHOL 9041A Intro to Stats Using R Dr. John Sakaluk
PSYCHOL 9545A Test Construction Dr. Don Saklofske
PSYCHOL 9222B/ 4295B Sensorimotor Control Dr. Paul Gribble
PSYCHOL 9542B Multilevel Modeling/Factor Analysis Dr. Paul Tremblay
PSYCHOL 9555B Structural Equation Modeling Dr. Paul Tremblay
PSYCHOL 9557B Theory, Research and Measurement Dr. Don Saklosfke
PSYCHOL 9223A Neuroimaging of Cognition Dr. Jody Culham
PSYCHOL 9230A/ PHIL 9230A Issues in Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience Drs. Mike Anderson & Stefan Köhler
PSYCHOL 9300A Ethics and Professional Foundations Dr. Laura Fazakas-DeHoog
PSYCHOL 9622A Motivation and Leadership Dr. John Meyer
PSYCHOL 9650A Status and Power in Organizations Dr. Alex Benson
PSYCHOL 9902A Lifespan Psychopathology I: Concepts & Internalizing Disorders Drs. Elizabeth Hayden & Lindsay Bodell
PSYCHOL 9221B Introduction to Neural Networks (LEC) Dr. Marieke Mur
PSYCHOL 9321B Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dr. David Dozois
PSYCHOL 9340B Clinical Research Methods Dr. Erin Kaufman
PSYCHOL 9611B Performance Appraisal Dr. Rick Goffin
PSYCHOL 9646B Doctoral Seminar in I/O Psych Dr. Natalie Allen
PSYCHOL 9701B Theories in Social, Personality and Social Developmental Psychology Dr. Lorne Campbell
PSYCHOL 9733B Advanced Topics in the Psychology of Gender Dr. Rachel Calogero
PSYCHOL 9903B Lifespan Psychopathology II: Externalizing & Other Disorders Drs. Elizabeth Hayden & Lindsay Bodell
PSYCHOL 9251Y CDBS Research Seminar Dr. Stefan Köhler
PSYCHOL 9380Y Clinical Proseminar Dr. David Dozois
PSYCHOL 9704Y Research Seminar Dr. Erin Heerey
PSYCHOL 9890 Clinical Internship Dr. David Dozois
PSYCHOL 9801- 9879 Practicum Dr. Leora Swartzman
PSYCHOL 9260B CDBS Proseminar Dr. Ryan Stevenson