Dr. Peter Prior

St. Joseph's Health Care London

Cardiac Rehabilitation & Secondary Prevention Program
268 Grosvenor Street, Room B3-689
London, ON  N6A 4V2
Telephone: (519) 646-6000, ext. 75725
Email: peter.prior@sjhc.london.on.ca

Clinical interests: In my hospital clinical work I see adult and senior cardiovascular patients. The largest portion of these have coronary artery disease, and may have sustained a heart attack, undergone angioplasty or heart surgery; while others may have heart failure; arrhythmias, or congenital heart problems. Our program has two major goals: rehabilitation, and secondary prevention. I participate in each of these as a clinical psychologist through: (1) assessing and treating patients with issues of emotional adjustment, psychological comorbidities or risk factors of heart disease, such as depression and anxiety disorders; 2) modification of health-related behaviours, including smoking cessation, stress management, promoting adherence to secondary prevention medications and to behavioural regimes such as exercise. Most of this work is done with individual patients using cognitive-behavioural or psychodynamic approaches. 

Recently we have been developing pathways of care among chronic disease management programs at St. Joseph's Health Care London. This may permit student involvement with populations such as patients with COPD or diabetes.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Psychological issues in cardiovascular disease; the psychologist's role in cardiac rehabilitation or chronic and vascular disease management at an academic health care centre

Type of clinical practica: Advanced Intervention; Clinical Research

Types of clients: Adult; Senior

Modality: Individual; Group (may be possible)

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive-behavioural; Psychodynamic

Types of client problems: PTSD; Adjustment Disorder; OC & Related Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Somatic Symptoms & Related Disorders; Bipolar & Related Disorders; Depressive Disorders; Substance/addictive

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; Co-Therapy/Co-Interview; Observe student live

Recent students

Current students:

Clinical mentor: Available

Research interests: Measurement of individuals' therapeutic change in cardiac rehabilitation; psychological and neuropsychological factors in cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease; psychological factors in atrial fibrillation; patient education.

Available to supervise: No


Last updated: April 26, 2022