Internships are on-the-job research and consulting experiences for I/O graduate students. They provide I/O students with a preview into the practitioner career path, and are an important tool for gaining and developing practical skills. Internships are typically paid positions, and most graduate students seek positions within the city of London, although they are not restricted to these positions only. While students typically seek and secure their own positions, supervisors are able to help students procure an internship that aligns with their academic and career goals.


To supplement the training of students in our program, upper year graduate students are invited to participate in internships. These internships are intended to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained from their courses, as well as to develop their skills in areas not currently taught as part of our course load, including executive coaching, change management, and problem-focused research. These internships allow students to explore areas and careers in I/O while finishing their education at Western.


The kinds of internships our students pursue, and the type of work they engage in, is decided by the student and the company they wish to intern for. Many students dedicate a certain number of hours weekly to their internship. Some opportunities require students be present on site one day a week, others require students to be available during busy periods, working during times of large work loads and having a break when case loads are small. Students should consult their academic supervisors to help them ensure a balance between their academic pursuits and their consulting commitments.


Many of the students engage in internships here in London, with a few local businesses taking on multiple interns a year. Others seek opportunities outside the city of London, particularly in Toronto. Either are acceptable, so long as one’s academic requirements are being met. Internships may be multi-year or of a shorter-term, depending on the student, their place in their graduate career, and the company seeking the intern. These internships are typically paid positions.