General Information

What is I/O Psychology?

Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology is a scientific field in which psychological principles are applied to the workplace. At Western University, we train students according to the tenets of the scientist-practitioner model. Our goal is to provide world-class training in research based on scientific principles and their resulting practical applications for organizational success and employee well-being.


The I/O Psychology faculty at Western University are leading researchers in broad areas including personnel selection, leadership, workplace attitudes, teamwork, and job performance measurement.

Our Program

Overall, our program is renowned for its strong focus on, and record of excellence in, research, but we also provide opportunities for exposure to the practice of I/O Psychology. Our program encourages research collaborations among students and faculty, and these often result in publications in top-tier journals. We also facilitate opportunities for applied experience through our Research Unit for Work and Productivity. Our goal is to provide graduate students with the education they need to succeed in the challenging and competitive field of I/O psychology.

Our Alumni

Graduates of our I/O Psychology program have a clear track record of success. Many of our alumni have become professors who conduct I/O psychology research in business schools or psychology departments. Others have senior positions in a diverse range of organizations including management consulting firms, government departments, and large corporations. A description of the graduates of our Doctoral program can be found here.