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Research Areas in the Department
Western's Psychology graduate program provides advanced training in four Clusters of Research Excellence. Each student, upon admission to the program, is also admitted to one of these clusters and this cluster is responsible for the general supervision of his or her program. In the online application, you will be asked to choose a cluster. We encourage prospective students to review the research interests of our professors on the research areas web pages. Current and prospective students will find the specific course and program requirements on the research area pages as well.

Below is each research cluster in the department, and associated faculty. (*Denotes faculty accepting graduate students in 2018-19).

Clinical Science and Psychopathology (CSP)

The CSP cluster encompasses the Clinical Psychology area of research excellence and focuses on the study of the causes and treatments for abnormal behavior and health-related behavior.

To learn more about this research cluster please follow this link: http://www.psychology.uwo.ca/research/clinical/index.html

Dr. Lorne Campbell
: romantic relationships; interpersonal perceptions and behavior
Dr. David Dozois: cognitive vulnerability to depression
Dr. Bill Fisher: sexual behavior; sexual and reproductive health 
Dr. Elizabeth Hampson : sex steroids and  brain function
Dr. Elizabeth Hayden : developmental psychopathology
Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude : auditory cognitive neuroscience
Dr. Nicholas Kuiper: personality characteristics relating to psychopathology and well-being
Dr. J. Paul Minda : cognitive psychology of higher-order thinking and concept learning
Dr. Richard W.J. Neufeld: clinical mathematical psychology of stress and coping 
Dr. Graham Reid : child-clinical and pediatric psychology
*Dr. Don Saklofske : individual differences, intelligence and personality
Dr. Ryan Stevenson : sensory perception, multisensory integration, autism
Dr. Leora Swartzman: health psychology
Dr. Tony Vernon :  individual and group differences in intelligence and mental abilities 

* Accepting Graduate Student Applications for 2018-2019

Cognitive, Developmental, and Brain Sciences (CDB)

The CDB cluster encompasses the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognition, and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience ares of research excellence. The CDB cluster focuses on the study of:

- genetic, neurological, and hormonal causes of behavior
- how information is perceived, stored, and processed and how language is used and understood
- processes that explain changes in children’s thinking and behavior from infancy through adolescence

To learn more about this research cluster please follow this link: http://www.psychology.uwo.ca/research/cognitive_developmental_brain_sciences/index.html

*Dr. Daniel Ansari : developmental cognitive neuroscience of numerical cognition
Dr. Lisa Archibald : language and working memory impairments
Dr. Adam Cohen : theory of mind, social attention
Dr. Brian Corneil : neural control of movement
Dr. Jody Culham : neuroimaging and behavioural studies of perception and actions 
Dr. Rhodri Cusack :neuroimaging in newborns and young infants
Dr. David F. Sherry : animal cognition and the avian brain
Dr. Melvyn A. Goodalevisual perception and visually guided behaviour
*Dr. Jessica Grahn : music neuroscience, rhythm and time perception 
Dr. Paul Gribble: human sensory-motor control
Dr. Elizabeth Hampson : sex steroids and brain function
Dr. Elizabeth Hayden : developmental psychopathology
Dr. Riley Hinson: associative processes in drugs and addiction
Dr. Debra Jared :  bilingual language processing and reading
Dr. Marc Joanisse :  cognitive neuroscience of language and reading
Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude : auditory cognitive neuroscience
Dr. Albert Katz: non-literal language and everyday memory
Dr. Martin I. Kavaliers: sex differences in behaviour; parasites, infection, immune systems and behaviour
Dr. Stefan Köhler: brain bases of human memory and memory disorders
*Dr. Steve Lomber : cortical plasticity following hearing loss and restoration
Dr. Steve Lupker : reading; semantic and orthographic priming
Dr. Penny MacDonald : cognitive profile of patients with Parkinson's disease
Dr. Scott MacDougall-Shackletonseasonal changes in brain, hormones and behaviour
Dr. Ken McRae: cognitive neuroscience of language understanding
Dr. J. Paul Minda : cognitive psychology of higher-order thinking and concept learning
Dr. J. Bruce Morton : cognitive control and frontal lobe development
Dr. Klaus-Peter Ossenkopp : behavioural neuroscience of hormones, immune system and behaviour
*Dr. Adrian Owen : disorders of consciousness
Dr. Andrew Pruszynski: neural mechanisms of sensory perception and motor control 
Dr. William Roberts: animal cognition and comparative psychology
Dr. Ryan Stevenson : sensory perception and  multisensory integration in autism
Dr. Jennifer Sutton : spatial cognition and navigation in adults and children 
Dr. Brian Timney:
Dr. Tutis Vilis
Dr. Lynne Zarbatany : childhood peer groups, friendship, and social adjustment

*accepting Graduate Student Applications for 2018-2019

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O)

The I/O cluster encompasses the Industrial/Organizational Psychology area of research excellence and focuses on the study of worker and organizational characteristics that contribute to adjustment in the workplace.

To learn more about this research cluster please follow this link: http://www.psychology.uwo.ca/research/io/index.html 

Dr. Natalie Allen: teams and teamwork, work attitudes
*Dr. Alex Benson: Followership and leadership; Group Dynamics; Organizational socialization
Dr. Joan Finegan: organizational behaviour, work attitudes and values
*Dr. Richard Goffin: personnel selection and performance appraisal
Dr. John Meyer: work attitudes and motivation
Dr. Mitch Rothstein: workplace resiliency, personality and job performance
Dr. Jennifer Robertson: organizational environmental and social responsibility and the nature and prediction of leadership
Dr. Johanna Weststar: organizational commitment, occupational and professional identity, industrial citizenship,citizenship at work,employee involvement, employee voice

*accepting Graduate Student Applications for 2018-2019

Social, Personality and Developmental Psychology (SPDP)

The SPP cluster encompasses the Social Psychology and Personality Psychology and Social Development areas of research excellence. The SPP cluster focuses on the study of:

- how people think about, influence, and relate to one another
- individual differences in personality and intelligence and analysis of psychological data with the help of mathematical concepts and statistics

To learn more about this research cluster please follow this link: http://www.psychology.uwo.ca/research/social_and_personality/index.html 

*Dr. Alex BensonFollowership and leadership; Group Dynamics; Organizational socialization
*Dr. Rachel Calogero : 
Dr. Lorne Campbell: romantic relationships and interpersonal perceptions
Dr. Victoria M. Esses : immigration, stereotypes  and discrimination
Dr. William A. Fisher: sexual behavior and reproductive health
Dr. Erin Heerey : social interaction and social cognition
Dr. James M. Olson: attitudes, justice and social cognition
*Dr. Don Saklofske : individual differences, intelligence and personality
Dr. Paul Tremblay: structural equation and multilevel modeling
Dr. Tony Vernon : individual differences and genetics of intelligence and mental 
Dr. Lynne Zarbatany : childhood peer groups, friendship, and social adjustment

*accepting Graduate Student Applications for 2018-2019

Faculty Supervisors
Students are only admitted to the program if there is a faculty member who is able and willing to act as a supervisor. Applicants must therefore identify prospective supervisors at the time of application. In the online application, please be sure to list prospective supervisors. You may choose the names of three prospective supervisors, in order of preference. Take note that some faculty from other departments have been given cross appointment status enabling them to supervise graduate students in the Department of Psychology.