Equity Diversity and Inclusion in the Psychology Department

Currently, the two formal groups within the Department of Psychology focused on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, are:

The Department’s EDI Committee (EDI-C)

The EDI-C was established in 2020, to implement the Anti-Racism Working Group’s recommendations in our Department, and consists of both faculty and graduate student representatives. The EDI-C focuses on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusivity at all levels of the Department, and liaises with other Departmental committees, while also reporting to the Chair and greater Department. Some of the EDI-C’s broader goals include designing and implementing policies to support diversity within the Department, facilitating a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within our Departmental community, collecting, compiling and presenting EDI-related data about our Department, and much more.

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The EDI Committee of Graduates in Psychology (EDI-GP)

The EDI-GP, meanwhile, consists of a diverse group of graduate students who are motivated to change the system. The EDI-GP advocates for the success and wellness of students in the department. Through various projects, the EDI-GP works towards increasing equity, diversity, and inclusivity in admissions, academics, culture, research, and training. Any graduate students in psychology who are interested in these issues are welcomed to join.

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