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Dr. Morgan Gustison

Dr. Morgan Gustison

Assistant Professor



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519-661-2111 x82721
SSC 9232

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Dr. Gustison takes an integrative approach to understand how social behaviors evolve and their mechanistic underpinnings. Her background is interdisciplinary, and her research spans several species and biological levels. Dr. Gustison received undergraduate degrees in zoology and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master's degree from the University of Roehampton. Dr. Gustison did her doctoral research at the University of Michigan, where she studied the evolution of primate vocal communication. Dr. Gustison was postdoctoral fellow in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and at the University of Texas at Austin. Her postdoctoral research explored neural systems that support social bonding in monogamous rodents. Dr. Gustison began a faculty position in the Psychology Department at Western University in 2023, where she started the Laboratory of Social NeuroEthology. Current research directions in the Laboratory of Social NeuroEthology examine why and how communication behaviours support social connections.