Master & Doctoral Convocations prior to Fall 1998

Last Name First Name Dissertation Title Year
Ashton Michael C. A comparison of personality item selection strategies 1998
Chovaz McKinnon Cathy J. Relationship representations of deaf adults 1998
Clow Kimberley A. Developing group stereotypes from descriptions of group members : an individual difference approach 1998
Cree George S. An attractor model of lexical conceptual processing : statistical feature relationships and semantic similarity priming 1998
Hanna Steven Edward Personal relevance, comparative context, and uncertainty orientation as determinants of perceived in group homogeneity 1998
Harman Karin Lisa Encoding 'regular' and 'random' sequences of views of three- dimensional objects rotating in depth 1998
Hogarth Laura A. Spatial localization of a goal : beacon homing versus landmark piloting by rats on the radial maze 1998
Jelley R. Blake Identifying strengths and weaknesses in ratee performance : effects of rater priming and rating scale format 1998
Jones Jennifer Faith Personality and health : a twin study 1998
Kacinik Natalie A. The prime task effect : an investigation of semantic vs. associative primimg and the activation blocking account 1998
Liu Mowei Friendship networks and individual adjustment in Chinese adolescents 1998
McCarthy Julie M. The standardized letter of recommendation as a predictor of performance : an assessment of three rating formats 1998
McKee Sherry A. Social learning determinants of alcohol outcome expectancies 1998
Mitchell Stephen K. Two-mode to three-mode factor analysis (223) : a solution to the factor rotation problem using bootstrapping and randomization techniques 1998
Moffat Scott Douglas Relations between testosterone, neuroanatomical structure and functional cerebral asymmetry in humans 1998
Pexman Penelope M. Strategic control and phonological processing in visual word recognition 1998
Stanley David J. Employee cynicism about organizational change : development and validation of a measure 1998
Stelzl Monika The relationship between one's multiple ethnic identities and one's multiple value systems : the immigrant's experience 1998
Sutton Jennifer E. Attention to time, space, and visual pattern by the pigeon 1998
Tremblay Paul Francois  Development and construct validation of the academic motivation inventory 1998
Walker A. Marie Motivation for control in moderate- and non-depressives as a function of uncertainty orientation 1998
Wood Andrea M. The effects of teacher enthusiasm on student motivation, selective attention, and text memory 1998
Barak Ilana Applying the need for closure framework to information processing in cross-cultural business situations 1997
Bradley J. Peter Predicting basic military officer training performance with three types of personality measures : self-reports, interviewer ratings and reference ratings 1997
Chipman Karen A. No sex difference on incidental picture memory, despite better verbal memory in women 1997
Collins David Wesley Difficulty and dimensionality in mental rotation 1997
Enright Corinne S. Imagery and narrative characteristics associated with autobiographical memories 1997
Goldberg Esther R.  Handwriting quality : the effects of traditional vs. whole language instruction 1997
Gottlieb Rachel A. The influence of work values on job-choice decisions 1997
Hecht Tracy D.  Team performance : does personality play a role? 1997
Hillson Joan M. C. An investigation of positive individualism and positive relations with others : dimensions of positive personality 1997
Hong Sungjin Shifted factor analysis : a test of models and algorithms 1997
Jackson Lynne M. The regard heuristic and gender discrimination : an analysis of contemporary sexism 1997
Janes Leslie Madeline The behavioural effects of ridicule of others 1997
Johnston Kevin D. Cue-induced reinstatement of a morphine conditioned place preference 1997
MacInnis Francine Heather The relationship between positive illusions and mental health : real or illusory? 1997
Masgoret Anne-Marie. Acculturation, second language proficiency and well-being 1997
Morgan Tracy. Psychological change in group therapy experienced by women survivors of childhood sexual abuse 1997
Neufeld Heidi N. The role of mother-toddler communication in emotion regulation : a microanalytic approach 1997
Pearson Pauline M. The effects of ethyl alcohol on visual and auditory thresholds 1997
Reitzel-Jaffe Deborah D. Predicting relationship abuse : a structural equation model analysis of a social learning explanation 1997
Rodger Susan C.  Gender differences in cooperative learning 1997
Rye B. J. The theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior and the prediction of university women's safer sex behaviors : a prospective investigation 1997
Taylor Tamsen Elizabeth Strategic effects in naming : effects of the time criterion 1997
Topolnytsky Laryssa Perceptions of justice in layoff decisions : the influence of managerial explanations 1997
Wickett John Cameron The biological basis of general intelligence 1997
Armstrong Tamara A. Asian versus Western differences in satisfaction with western medical care : the mediational effects of illness attributions 1996
Berry Glen E. Information processing in anxiety and depression : attentional responses to mood congruent stimuli 1996
Boisvert Stephen R. Featural similarity and the organization of semantic memory 1996
Brouwers Melissa C. Inhibition-confrontation model of coping and uncertainty orientation : individual differences in the disclosure of traumas 1996
Brownlie Lesley A.  Orientation and the hippocampus of the black-capped chickadee 1996
Chateau Daniel G. Exposure to print and processing printed words 1996
Ferretti Todd R. Activating thematic role concepts 1996
Fitzsimmons Kathleen E.  Individual differences in the adaptiveness of sense of humor 1996
Haffenden Angela Maria The effect of pictorial illusion on prehension and perception 1996
Hoh Timothy E. Fractionating the nonspatial pretraining effect in scopolamine- treated rats in the water maze task 1996
Houston Sandra M. A two-factor model of women's sexual decision making 1996
Jetté Jennifer Leigh Formal models of the effects of exogenous stressors on information processing 1996
Johnson Andrew M. A multivariate behaviour genetic investigation of individual differences in leadership and coronary prone behaviours 1996
Knudsen Erin V. The role of morphological structure in word recognition : processing affixes and word stems 1996
Kruyer AnnaLee S. Reaching and grasping in a cue-deprived environment 1996
Lee Betty K.  When east meets west : acculturation and socio-emotional adjustment in Canadian-chinese adolescents 1996
MacDonald Paul  Guessing strategies and accuracy of personality judgments 1996
Maio Gregory R. O. Values as truisms 1996
Mead Larissa Araxe Differential effects of ovarian hormones on the left and right cerebral hemispheres : evidence from perceptual and motor asymmetries 1996
Murphy Kelly J. The effects of retinal eccentricity on prehension and perception 1996
Olthof Anneke Summation of number symbols in squirrel monkeys 1996
Pratt Adelle T.  Facial features as determinants of attractiveness 1996
Quinn Kimberly A. Attributional ambiguity : can social stigma be self-protective? 1996
Rannie Michael D. The standardized memory assessment : a psychometric evaluation of a computerized cognitive battery 1996
Renaud Robert D.  Factorial validity of student ratings of instruction 1996
Rosati Angela M.  The role of parental speech in the acquisition of phonemic awareness 1996
Rose  Kristopher J.  Stages of change in dispositional optimism : development and evaluation of cognitive-behavioural and psychoeducational  1996
Scott   Katreena. Resilience in maltreated youth : the role of emotional regulation  1996
Sears Christopher R.   Visual indexing and inhibition of return of visual attention  1996
Toplak Maggie E. Sarcasm in discourse : the role of perspective 1996
Waters Carey Anne Mother-infant interactions, affect regulation and the attachment relationship 1996
Zebian Samar Integrative and differentiative cognitive style : cultural comparisons in multidimensional sorting, embedded figures, and object sorting 1996
Benn Kelly D.  Validation of a formal model of decisional control and extension to individual differences 1995
Callard Rosalind Maureen Money beliefs and quality of life or what is money for, if it doesn't buy happiness? 1995
Carswell Julie J. Adult attachment and uncertainty orientation : an investigation of individual differences in relationship satisfaction 1995
Cristi Carolina Priming regular words with regular and irregular primes : phonological inhibition and output facilitation 1995
Duff Sarah J.  Sun compass orientation by black-capped chickadees 1995
Feldman Rhonda Ann Recognizing common objects rotated in depth : the roles of binocular depth cues and surface features 1995
Fenwick Kimberley D. Infants' use of spatial co-location in a cross-modal perception task 1995
Fraboni Maryann Frances Personality-oriented job analysis 1995
Gilchrist Rae S.  An investigation of value accessibility and its role in the value-attitude relationship 1995
Gleason Karin E. Maternal attachment cognitions in relation to maternal sensitivity and mother-infant attachment 1995
Hamilton Leslie C. Selective visual loss in patients with pituitary tumors 1995
Hodson Gordon. Group decision-making : the role of uncertainty orientation in the phenomenon of Groupthink 1995
Iden Caron M. An investigation of ordinality in squirrel monkeys 1995
Irving P. Gregory The dimensionality of managerial third-party interventions in conflict among subordinates and their relationship with desired outcomes 1995
Israel Robyn R.  Quality of life as a predictor of academic performance 1995
Jones David A. Cortisol response to stress in a myofascial pain population 1995
Krupka Anne. The quality of mother-infant interactions in families at risk for maladaptive parenting 1995
McCabe Scott B. Depression and vulnerability : the role of mood and depression history on cognitive processing 1995
Nielsen Kathy M. Coping strategies in recovery from hip fracture 1995
Petersen Karin Seasonal patterns in food-storing behaviour, memory and hippocampal size in white-breasted nuthatches (Sitta carolinensis) 1995
Racicot Carolynn I. Phonological effects in word recognition 1995
Smith Catherine A. Human resource practices and policies as antecedents of organizational commitment 1995
Tett Robert Preston Traits, situations, and managerial behaviour : test of a trait activation hypothesis 1995
Tomes Jennifer Lorraine Eyewitness memory : habitual susceptibility to misinformation and individual differences in eyewitness memory 1995
Wekerle Christine M. Maternal depression, perceptions, contextual stress, and parenting 1995
Yuen Sandra A. Self-concept dimensions associated with eating disturbance 1995
Amos Nancy Lynn Preventive health behaviour, sex roles, and locus of control : an integration of theory and research 1994
Anderson David W. Organizational culture preference and personality in senior retail managers 1994
Ashton Michael C.  The validity of adjective self-ratings and of broad factor scales 1994
Boissevain Michael Douglas Information processing in chronic pain : the role of depression 1994
Carey David P.  Hand and hemispace differences in the visual control of aiming movements 1994
Carter Jeffrey R. Encoding for similarity judgements among paranoid and nonparanoid schizophrenics 1994
Dawson Debra L. An investigation of student participation and student-teacher interaction in the case method classroom 1994
Destun Lisa M. Phenomenological characteristics of real and imagined memories : the impact of event valence and individual differences in absorption 1994
Donakowski Darrell W. The influence of perceived threat on intergroup attitudes 1994
Fisher Kirstie A. Attachment patterns of siblings to their mothers 1994
Grasley Carolyn. The role of perceived emotional trauma in subsequent adjustment to child sexual abuse 1994
Herbert Andrew M.  Studies of the visual detection of bilateral symmetry 1994
Kovacheff Jonathon  The Impact of value priorities and organizational commitment on likely responses to work-related ethical problems 1994
Layng W. Grant Epistemology and metacognition 1994
Lee Christopher J. An examination of whether irony and sarcasm are different terms for the same psychological construct 1994
Lees Mary C.  Cognitive 1994
Macuda Todd Joseph Hierarchical chunking in rat spatial memory 1994
Meadows Ken Neil Adolescent peer intimacy as a function of parental warmth, dysfunctional control and intimacy modelling 1994
Phelps Maria  Social rank and foraging behavior in rats : effects of food size, density and distribution 1994
Phillips Jennifer L. Infant contingency detection and its relation to affective expression, expectations, and cognitive transfer effects 1994
Saucier Deborah M.   The effects of preadministration of NMDA antagonists on kindling with carbachol  1994
Schmidt William C.   Stimulus-driven attentional capture : evidence from illusory line motion  1994
Siim Kathy A. Dispositional optimism, appraisal, and coping : factors affecting stress in dental surgery 1994
Symons Lawrence André The influence of eye movements and surround contours on the generation and interocular transfer of the motion aftereffect 1994
Szekely Christine Anna A kinematic analysis of visually-guided movements in oral contraceptive users 1994
Tremblay Paul Francois  Dimensions of motivation to learn French 1994
Turner Nigel E.  The role of literal meaning in proverb comprehension 1994
Vollick David N. Stochastic models of encoding-latency means and variances in paranoid schizophrenia 1994
Vuksanovic Vuk The construction of target similarity in social identification 1994
Wall Anne-Marie. The contribution of outcome expectancies to drinking behaviour 1994
Wolf Marla E.  Cohen Binocular interactions in individuals with anomalous early visual history 1994
Wood Andrea M. Low-inference classroom teaching behaviors in lecture vs. seminar classes 1994
Agar Sharon E. The effect of accounts on perceptions of procedural justice in the context of managerial dispute resolution 1993
Baxter Bruce W. The associative nature of amphetamine place preferences and avoidances 1993
Bell David W. Ambivalence and response amplification in intergroup attitudes 1993
Bogaert Anthony F. The sexual media : the role of individual differences 1993
Bourdeau Patricia Anne Child sexual abuse and the mother-daughter relationship : moderating effects 1993
Burkell Jacquelyn Ann Finsting multiple places in the visual field : evidence for simultaneous facilitation 1993
Danchuk Tracy The relationship of self-efficacy, attributions, socialization, and values to women's math 1993
Dennison Zoe An examination of the persistence of kindling, a model for neural plasticity 1993
Hafer Carolyn L. Judgments of resource distributions : the role of long-term outcomes 1993
Harbluk Joanne L. The influence of intervening activities and testing conditions on the accuracy and confidence of source memory 1993
Hargreaves Eric Lynn. Behavioral, electrophysiological, and neuroanatomical plasticity in the rat, as a result of complex environment housing 1993
Harris Julie Aitken Salivary testosterone and aggression and pro-social behavior 1993
Highgate Shara L. Pain and adjustment in hemophilia 1993
Hino Yasushi Polysemy effects : evidence for dual access routes to word meanings 1993
Jang Kerry L. A behavioural genetic analysis of personality, personality disorder, the environment, and the search for sources of nonshared environmental influences 1993
Maio Gregory R. O. Involvement and persuasion : evidence for different types of involvement 1993
McGee Robin A. Multiple maltreatment, attribution of blame, and adjustment among adolescents 1993
Moffat Scott Douglas Salivary testosterone levels in left- and right-handed adults : relation to cerebral functional asymmetry and cognitive abilities 1993
Nicholson Ian R.  The classification of the schizophrenias according to symptomatology : a two-factor model 1993
Nicol Adelheid A. M. The effects of personality and the letter of reference on perceived job applicant suitability 1993
Noonan Andrea L. Attachment behaviours at home and in the strange situation 1993
Peterson Rhonda C. A sex difference in stereoscopic depth perception 1993
Pexman Penelope M. The effects of memory load in a word naming task 1993
Richardson W. John  Performance on the radial maze with and without an enclosed central platform : a test of Brown's list theory of spatial memory 1993
Roese Neal J. The functional basis of counterfactual thinking 1993
Servos   Philip R.   Binocular vision and the kinematics of human prehension  1993
Specht Jacqueline A. The role of learning style in the recall of classroom instruction 1993
Van Brunschot Michelle Frances The influence of behaviour and peer reputation on preadolescents' impression formation 1993
Westra Henny Alice Cognitive profiles of psychological maladjustment 1993
Wilson Susan Kaye The impact of maltreatment on children's social problem solving abilities 1993
Bereziuk Cheryl M. Unique processing in face perception 1992
Chooi Mandy C. M. An evaluation of a new screening instrument for coronary risk factors 1992
Denton Kathy. Dressing old wounds : excuse-validation and other forms of social support 1992
Eckel Lisa Anne Taste reactivity in rats : role of the area postrema 1992
Garrett Owen Jon Life stress, appraisals of diabetes, coping and long term blood glucose control in adults with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus : a twelve week study 1992
Hanna Steven Edward Uncertainty orientation, achievement motivation, and mind-sets during goal-oriented activity 1992
Houle Manon The effect of expectancy of analgesic efficacy on analgesic effectiveness for experimental and clinical pain 1992
Jakobson Lorna Susan Visuomotor mechanisms in the control of human prehension 1992
Keil Kathleen Monocular and binocular depth perception in the horse 1992
Lanca Margaret Sex differences and the role of three-dimensional representation in contour map reading 1992
Lysynchuk Linda Marie Teacher and student variables affecting second language learning 1992
MacInnis Francine Heather The first phase in designing a primary prevention program for problem parenting 1992
MacIntyre Peter Daniel Anxiety and language learning from a stages of processing perspective 1992
McCarty Tracey Stephanie The differential effects of stress on cognitive efficiency 1992
McCorquodale Susan Environmental sounds in implicit and explicit tests of memory 1992
McDermid Ann J. Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis : an examination of the pain experience 1992
McWhinney Julie A. Hemispheric differences in the processing of emotional material in repressors and non-repressors 1992
Mead Larissa Araxe Hippocampal electrical activity in the female rat : the estrous cycle, copulation, parturition, and maternal behavior 1992
Mottram Melvin A. The role of retrieval processes in semantic priming 1992
Pearson Pauline M. Texture discrimination in the fovea and periphery 1992
Pellizzari Joseph Robert An integration of several conceptions of well-being : subjective well-being, quality of life, motivational, and positive psychological functioning approaches 1992
Reitzel-Jaffe Deborah D. Adolescents' attitudes about wife assault : implications for the development of primary prevention programs 1992
Rice Hollie N. Food-caching, simple association and spatial memory in the Black- capped chickadee 1992
Robson Ann L. The consequences of low birthweight 1992
Ruscher Susan M. Predicting improvement in psychiatric patients : a longitudinal examination of personal and environmental factors 1992
St. Pierre Jeffrey C. Self-report differences across adolescent family structures : stepfamilies versus intact families 1992
Stuart Deborah Joan Picture-word differences in memory comparisons involving colour 1992
Wathen C. Nadine Multiple pattern learning by rats on an eight-arm radial maze 1992
Wickett John Cameron Physiological correlates of human intelligence 1992
Woloshyn Vera Ella Using elaborative interrogation to help students overcome their science misconceptions 1992
Bellisario Lisa Ann The interactive contribution of fathers in early infancy 1991
Berry Glen E. Emotional processing of faces : are evaluative cognitions necessary ? 1991
Biggs Terrence Charles. Pictures, words, and synonymy : representations and processes 1991
Blackwood Penelope A. Influencing value importance by increasing value accessibility 1991
Bobocel Ramona. Escalating commitment to a failing course of action : the effect of choice and justification 1991
Brouwers Melissa C.  Uncertainty orientation and protection motivation theory : the influence of individual differences on health compliance 1991
Callard Rosalind Maureen Alcohol expectancies : a modal profile analysis 1991
Chan Paul K. F. The role of personality trait inference in performance appraisal ratings 1991
D'Ailly Hsiao Hsiu-hui The effects of self-referencing in the processing of linear ordering relations 1991
Dance Kathryn Ann Psychological well-being : personality and social role perspectives 1991
Ellison Deborah The relationship between social competence, attachment, and self- confidence in preschoolers 1991
Galea Liisa A. M.  Sex differences in route learning 1991
Gellatly Ian Robert Physiological, cognitive, and behavioral effects of assigned performance goals 1991
Ghesquiere Kristen J. Affective response to stroke : the impact of perceived loss of and threat to the self 1991
Graburn Linda Relation of motivation, competence and temperament in one-year- olds 1991
Horner Karen Lorraine Individuality in health 1991
Jarvis William Blair Gage Expecting to be persuaded : the effects on message processing and attitude change 1991
Kafka Pauline Group polarization and uncertainty orientation : the effects of persuasive arguments and others' value for risk 1991
Levy Lynn Marie Stress management as prevention of the effects of stress : a comparison of comprehensive approaches 1991
McKee Sherry A. Place conditioning with morphine : an examination of the pre- exposure effect 1991
McKeever Paul Nontarget numerosity and identity maintenance with FINSTs : a two component account of multiple target tracking 1991
Mitchell Stephen K. Pursuing the PRP : an investigation into post-reinforcement pausing on cyclic-interval schedules 1991
Moore Janice Kim The effects of serotonin depletion on brain electrical activity, neurochemistry and behaviour : studies using intra-brainstem injections of 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine 1991
Pettit Pat. A comparison of attachment behaviors measured in the laboratory and in the home and their relationships to maternal sensitivity 1991
Prior Peter Leonard Cholinergic-noradrenergic and cholinergic-serotonergic interactions in measures of working and reference memory of the rat 1991
Schmidt   Eileen L. Reinstatement and conditioned place preference with morphine: effects of dose and delay interval on priming 1991
Schneider Brynah Differences in "action identification" between experienced and novice counsellors  1991
Sears Christopher R. Spatial indexing and information processing at multiple locations in the visual field  1991
Sun Hongjin The effects of radial expansion and contraction of the target on the control of locomotion in the Mongolian gerbil 1991
Tessier Suzan Personality, physical attractiveness, and physical features as determinants of mate selection 1991
Thompson Valerie A. Necessity and sufficiency in conditional reasoning 1991
Wen Frances K. Neuroticism and the report of and response to physical symptoms : the roles of introspection and symptom interpretation 1991
Wilcox Laurie M. Psychophysical studies of binocular interactions in humans 1991
Young Marta Y. The adjustment of Salvadoran refugees : stressors, resources and well-being 1991
Barnes Michael J. The successful high school learner in profile : a general model of scholastic and psychological characteristics 1990
Dobbin James Patrick Individual differences in the appraisal of stress and the immunologic consequences : psychological moderation of lymphocyte activation and cytokine production 1990
Fraboni Maryann Frances The work values survey : an evaluation of alternative hypotheses of higher-order dimensions in primary work values 1990
Gall Terry Lynn The retirement process : changes in the well-being of male retirees 1990
Geldart Sybil S.  Psychological influences on symptom reporting in women presenting with premenstrual syndrome 1990
Gemeinhardt Monica A systems approach to parental functioning and family adjustment 1990
Gillis Bonnie Jean The role of family psychosocial variables in glucose control of children and adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus : a six month study 1990
Gouchie Catherine T. The relation between testosterone concentrations and cognitive performance in humans 1990
Gray Anna  Mavrogiann Investigations of the construct validity of a new measure of the type A behaviour pattern : the survey of work styles 1990
Hillson Tim R. Evaluating the incongruity-resolution model of humour using the domain-interaction approach 1990
Hobden Karen L. The effects of disparagement humour on attitudes and attitude accessibility 1990
Johnson Carla J. Cognitive components of naming in children : effects of referential uncertainty and stimulus realism 1990
Khan Shakeela Charmaine Effects of differing types of visual information on the acquisition of long-term representations of three-dimensional objects 1990
Kovacheff Jonathon Value self-discrepancies : measurement and relation to negative affect 1990
Laundry Douglas S. Localization of gradients in visual texture discrimination 1990
Ludwick-Rosenthal Robin Preparation for undergoing a noxious medical procedure : interacting effects of information and individual differences in coping style 1990
Paterson Randolph James Choice availability and stress response 1990
Peck Barbara Kay Raphe stimulation : possible role of serotonin and acetylcholine in neocortical activity and in hippocampal activation and suppression 1990
Ruttan Lesley Ann Effects of some 5-HT agonists and antagonists on conditioned taste aversions in rats 1990
Rye  B. J. Affective and cognitive predictors of aids preventive behaviors among female university students 1990
Schnurr   Robert F. t of expert testimony pertaining to the "Battered woman syndrome" on jurors' information processing and decisions  1990
Shatford    Lisa Anne    Cognitive and behavioral treatment of bulimia : intertreatment and intratreatment effects  1990
Smith Michael J. O. The relationship between sustained attention and performance on the printing performance school readiness test 1990
Symons Douglas K. Behavioural indices of emerging social competence of infants : a microanalysis of early mother-infant face-to-face interactions 1990
Symons Sonya E. Prior knowledge and locating information in textbooks 1990
Trick Lana M.  Subitizing and counting : preattentive and attentive processing in visual enumeration 1990
Vuksanovic Vuk The influence of ingroup favourability and strength of social identity on accentuation in the minimal group paradigm 1990
Williams Bonnie A. The effects of time demands on hiring decisions : evidence for a gender bias? 1990
Barnett Peter The depressive personality : a study of dependency, self- criticism, and autonomy 1989
Borja Alvarez Teresita. Peer group entry : a focus on the behavior and gender of the entering child and group members 1989
Bradley J. Peter Turnover intentions among physicians in the Canadian forces 1989
Fenwick Kimberley D. Infants' perception of auditory depth : effects of changing signal intensity 1989
Hampson Mary Elizabeth Anne Contributions of gonadal hormones to human cognitive and motor skills : evidence from the menstrual cycle 1989
Herbert Andrew M. Effects of visible frames on bilateral symmetry detection 1989
Hill Timothy D. The psychometric assessment of job satisfaction and its relation to stress in the workplace 1989
Khan Mustaq Memorial effects of importance and taxonomic frequency in schematic and categorical organizations of knowledge 1989
Kowalik Debra Lynn Communication in marital dyads : implications for interactional approaches to depression 1989
Kurita Janice A.  Teachers' acceptance of strategies for increasing students' achievement motivation 1989
Lee Christopher J. The metaphoricity and ironicity of conversational statements 1989
Leibman Ellen G.  Complexity of factor structure of peer ratings as a function of degree of acquaintance or a universal conception of personality? Yes, but ... 1989
MacLennan Richard Neil Social desirability responding and depression : both content and style in psychological assessment 1989
Miller Linda T. The relationship between short-term memory, intelligence and reaction time 1989
Mori Monica S.  Individual differences in mental ability, speed-of-processing, and nerve conduction velocity 1989
Rannie Michael D. The structures and processes of memory : a multivariate approach 1989
Raso Patricia Anne Uncertainty orientation, achievement-related motives, and gender in risk-taking behavior 1989
Rocca Patrick Thomas. Infants' localization of sound off midline on the horizontal axis : estimates of minimum audible angle 1989
Roney Christopher J. R.  Uncertainty orientation and achievement-related motives as determinants of the motivational impact of self-discrepancies 1989
Scudds Roger A.   The relationship between pain responsiveness and disease activity in fibrositis and rheumatoid arthritis 1989
Snyder Barbara L. Monitoring and self-regulated study of text : the role of adjunct questions 1989
Specht Jacqueline A. Locating discrete information in text : effects of computer presentation and menu formatting 1989
Streather Angela Mary Procedures affecting the development, maintenance and loss of tolerance to amphetamine-anorexia and their effects on haloperidol-catalepsy 1989
Swallow Stephen Randal Social comparison and mild depression : an investigation of individual differences in a self-evaluative process 1989
Teskey G. Campbell  Expression of the proto-oncogene c-fos following electrical kindling in the rat 1989
Turner Nigel E.  The role of novelty in the comprehension of figurative and literal meaning 1989
Watson Neil V.  Hand accuracy and sex differences on two target-directed motor tasks 1989
Westra Henny Alice Irrational cognitions and the type A behavior pattern 1989
Wigmore Stephen W. The influence of environmental, cognitive, and pharmacological factors on alcohol-related behaviours 1989
Wright Richard David Intermediate-level visual processing and the perception of inside 1989
Yuen Sandra A. Hostility and the Type A behavior pattern : cognitive and affective distinctions 1989
Boissevain Michael Douglas Development and validation of perfectionistic thinking as a psychological construct 1988
Brodeur Darlene The effects of multiple primes on a lexical decisim task 1988
Cane Douglas B. Dysfunctional attitudes and vulnerability to depression : implications for stress appraisals and coping 1988
Cariglia-Bull Teresa Short-term memory as a determinant of imagery strategy effectiveness during reading 1988
Clark Ron Formal semantics and pragmatics of belief 1988
Clayton Joan P. Individual differences in functions of erotic fantasy and implications for the use of fantasy in clinical practice 1988
Dennison Zoe The effect of kynurenic acid, a non-specific antagonist of excitatory amino acids, on kindling and motor behavior in the rat 1988
Devolder Patricia Anne Adult age differences in metacognition : monitoring and motivational beliefs 1988
Gentile Carole Factors mediating the impact of child sexual abuse : severity of abuse, attributional style, and learned helplessness 1988
Gilchrist Rae S.  The slippery slope and reactance : an investigation of different types of freedoms 1988
Gitta Maria Z. Uncertainty orientation, the balance effect, and other individual difference variables 1988
Graham Kathryn Marie. Factors associated with use, dependence and problem consequences : application of a common process model of substance abuse to coffee and tea 1988
Hargreaves Eric Lynn. Contribution of ongoing behavior to behavioral long term potentiation : a separation of effects, in the rat 1988
Houston Sandra M. The influence of observational goals on behaviour segmentation 1988
LaRose Louise Anne-Marie Cognitive, affective, and coping reactions of high and low stress mothers to child behaviors 1988
Lees Mary C.  Mapping the trait inferential structure of depression 1988
Lysynchuk Linda Marie A comparison of reciprocal teaching and story grammar training in remediating reading comprehension difficulties 1988
MacIntyre Peter Daniel The effect of anxiety on foreign language learning and production 1988
McCabe Scott B. Dichotic listening and construct accessibility in depression : a longitudinal investigation 1988
McDonald Paul W. Towards the primacy of affect : evidence and implications 1988
Phelps Maria J. Central place foraging on a radial maze 1988
Robertson Barbara J. The effects of serotonergic drugs on hippocampal rhythmical slow activity, neocortical low voltage fast activity and behavior 1988
Smith Catherine A. Personality and situational variables related to preferred styles of conflict resolution in an organizational context 1988
Sorensen Linda Analyzing the organization of animal behavior : the application of non-symmetric multidimensional scaling techniques 1988
Wallach Helene S. Clients' expectations and results of psychological therapy for dysmenorrhea 1988
Walsh Mary-Elizabeth The role of imagery and abstraction in proverb comprehension : a dual-coding analysis of figurative language 1988
Wekerle Christine M.  Effects of maternal distress and perception of child maladjustment on maternal tracking of child behaviour : a causal analysis 1988
Woloshyn Vera Ella Elaboration and the acquisition of arbitrary factual information : a comparison of three learning strategies 1988
Bogaert Anthony F. Reproductive strategies in humans : construct validation and predictive utility of the r 1987
Bryant Susan Louise Perceptions of children's moral reasoning 1987
Carey David P.  The use of retinal image size as a distance cue following lesions of primary visual cortex 1987
Cummings Anne L. The relationship of cognitive style to social problem solving and empathy in counselors-in-training 1987
D'Amico Catherine M. Evidence for different subgroups of adextrals based on cerebral speech lateralization and ability patterns 1987
Duschner Petra Teacher flexibility in relation to classroom teaching behaviour and perceived teacher effectiveness 1987
Fleet Gregory John Evidence of temporal coding in a forward masking task 1987
Goffin Richard D. The analysis of multitrait-multimethod matrices : an empirical and Monte Carlo comparison of two procedures 1987
Gorsic Tina M. In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) : wives coping with IVF-ET 1987
Hazlewood J. Douglas Information search and causal analysis : the role of personal involvement 1987
Hewitt Erin Clare Information and affective value in risk-taking behaviour 1987
Jakobson Lorna Susan Automatic recalibration following prismatic displacement of the visual field 1987
Krupka Anne. The social-communicative environment of young deaf children 1987
Ladowsky Ricki Lisa The Relationship of visual-perceptual skills, vision and physical attributes to motion sickness susceptibility 1987
Lee Catherine M.  Maternal depression and child adjustment 1987
Lunn Diane Foot asymmetry and cognitive ability in young children 1987
Mazmanian Dwight S. Life history analysis and individual differences in humans : a test of application of an r 1987
McLean Denise Frances An Empirical classification of university lecturing styles 1987
Miller Lee Ann Martin Metamotivational state and emotional response to false heartrate feedback 1987
Patrick Andrew Scott Retrieval inhibition in human memory, an extension and evaluation on the Sam theory 1987
Price Brenda M. Asymmetries in the perception of biological motion 1987
Quittner Alexandra Louise Maternal adaptation to a hearing impaired child : a comparison of a mediating and moderating effects of social support and personality 1987
Smith Philip Bruce Infant-mother attachment as a function of maternal sensitivity, cognition, personality, and social support 1987
Steenhuis Runa Elizabeth Target-directed locomotion : a critique of the short-term memory for spatial locations proposed by Thomson 1987
Tett Robert Preston Personality correlates of participative decision-making using an in-basket simulation exercise 1987
Thompson Valerie A. Representation in non-verbal memory 1987
Trembley Carolle Marie The effects of setting events on the social interactions of preschool children 1987
Vollick David Nelson The effects of increased cautiousness and aging on intelligence 1987
Wall Anne-Marie. Place conditioning with amphetamine : a dose-response study 1987
Waurick Margaret Alexandra Katrina An investigation of oral and gestural movements 1987
Wilcox Laurie M. Visual aftereffects and binocular channels in the human visual system 1987
Worrell Frank C. Teacher efficacy in relation to university teaching effectiveness 1987
Altmann Esther Olga Social processes in childhood depression 1986
Bourdeau Patricia Anne Situational determinants of child abuse : an experimental study of parenting competence 1986
Brigham Margaret Christine. Age differences in cognitive monitoring 1986
Burkell Jacquelyn. Perception of isoluminant colour changes 1986
Chan Paul K. F. Genetic similarity theory and friendship 1986
Dawson Debra L. Learning style in relation to measures of academic achievement and interest : an evaluation of Kolb's model 1986
Dawson Michael Robert William Using relative velocity as a natural constraint for the motion correspondence problem 1986
Digdon Nancy Linda Conditional and biconditional interpretations of if-then sentences : the role of content and context 1986
Dobbin James Patrick Metamotivational dominance as a moderator of the effects of stressors on cortisol and secretory-immunoglobulin A 1986
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