Dan Pulham

Dan Pulham

Dan Pulham was a man with heart who put all of himself into everything he did which included his endless volunteer work with the community. He was a husband, a father, a colleague and a great friend and he will be sorely missed.

Dan was a jokester who always saw the humor in things around him. When ever you would see Dan he always had a story to share that would put a smile on your face. Dan was always willing to put others before himself and was always willing to give someone a helping hand without asking anything in return. Dan was an invaluable member of the Department of Psychology and started here when the technical area was still at Middlesex College back in 1969. His background in electronics proved to be a valuable asset to the countless psychology research experiments that utilized his expertise. His knowledge in this field was also instrumental in helping many former graduate students complete their research and subsequent studies.

Dan was also very involved in the sports community and as a volunteer achieved numerous awards and accolades including a volunteer of the year award from Baseball Ontario and a sportsperson of the year award at the 2001 Rogers Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction. His volunteer work always focused on those involved, the kids. His passion was to make it enjoyable for all the kids involved.

Dan put fun in everything he did and loved to be around people. His friendly demeanor and warm smile drew people toward him as is evident by the many friends he made over the years. His humble and giving nature stand as a monument to the type of man he was. He was a man who gave himself to help those around him and had fun in the process.

We thank Dan for being a part of our psychology family and while we'll miss Dan, we'll never forget him.