Independent Studies


A variety of faculty-supervised research projects are eligible for academic credit in the Independent Study courses. These could include empirical research projects, directed readings resulting in a policy paper, or public education work. The workload of such a project should be comparable to a regular 0.5 course. Each Independent Study course requires a minimum of 2500 words of written work, but the nature of the project is otherwise flexible and determined in consultation with a faculty supervisor.

Note: Independent Study courses are exempt from the Senate requirement that students receive assessment of their work accounting for at least 15% of their final grade at least one week before the deadline for withdrawal from a course without academic penalty. Instead, the breakdown of the final course grade, with weighting and deadlines will be set by the supervisor, in consultation with the student.


Any full time Psychology Faculty member (listed at or those with  cross or adjunct research appointments in Psychology (listed at may serve as a supervisor.

If you are a Neuroscience student, any full-time faculty member in the general area of Neuroscience may supervise. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact the Neuroscience Program Coordinator (contact details listed on the independent study form).

Senior graduate students or postdoctoral fellows may act as a co-supervisor under the direct supervision of a full-time Faculty member. The Independent Study Form (see below) should have the name, e-mail address and signature of BOTH the co-supervisor and the full-time Faculty member supervisor.


Students may register for Independent Study courses if they achieved an A average in the previous academic year, and have written permission from the faculty supervisor and the department. At the beginning of the term, the student and supervisor must complete the Independent Study Form (Neuroscience students should complete the form found at: Independent Study Form), which involves describing the content of the Independent Study, the anticipated frequency of meetings between student and supervisor, the work required of the student, and the grade breakdown. This form must be returned to the Psychology Program Advisor, Ramona Fudge (either a hard copy or electronically). Note that Independent Study written work MUST be submitted to Turnitin on the relevant course website (3996F, 3997G, 4996F, or 4997G) at the end of term before a final mark will be recorded.


1. Student must have an “A” average from the previous year.
2. Confirm with a professor that she/he is willing to supervise your Independent Study.
3. Prior to the start of the course, print off the form found at Independent Study Form (Neuroscience students should contact their Academic Advisor in the Department of Neuroscience).
4. Complete the Independent Study Form with your supervising professor (including due date(s) and listing your average from the previous year) and ensure you both sign it.  If you are away from London, and therefore unable to complete the form with your supervisor, wait until you arrive on campus to actually fill out and submit the form; however please ensure that you submit it at least 2 days prior to the last day to ADD a course for that term. Also, ensure you have an understanding with your professor over the summer that she/he is willing to supervise you in the course.
5. Submit the Independent Study Form (either in hardcopy or electronically) to Ramona Fudge in SSC 7402 for approval and processing, and so that a Special Permission can be submitted.
6. Once you see the Special Permission on your Student Center ( (log-in) > Academic Records (on far left under Self Service) > View Special Permissions), contact the Registrar’s Helpline at 519-661-2100 for them to register you manually as the system will not allow you to do it online.