Speakers 2008-2009

Speaker / Institution Topic Remarks
September 26 Dr. Peter H. Ditto
Psychology and Social Behavior Department
University of California
Motivated Moral Reasoning Abstract

October 3

Dr. Gordon Campbell Teskey
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary

Penfield's error:  How seizures alter motor map topography


October 17

Dr. Mark Sabbagh
Department of Psychology
Queen's University
Neurodevelopmental Bases of Theory of Mind in Preschool Children Abstract
October 31 Dr. Robert J. Sternberg
School of Arts & Sciences
Tufts University
Ability assessments for the New Millennium Abstract

November 7 Cancelled

Dr. Kevin Ochsner
Department of Psychology
Columbia University

How thinking controls feeling: A social cognitive neuroscience approach Abstract
November 21 Drs. Martin Daly & Margo Wilson
Department of Psychology
McMaster University

Carpe Diem:  Future Discounting, Risk-taking, and Homicide


January 9 Dr. Sherry H. Stewart
Department of Psychology
Dalhousie University
Matching on the Basis of Personality and Motivational Risk Factors in Addictions Prevention and Treatment Abstract
January 16 Dr. Robert J. Vallerand
Department of Psychology
Université du Quebéc a Montreal
On the Psychology of Passion Abstract
March 13 Dr. Michael J. Wenger
Department of Psychology and Graduate  Program in Neuroscience
The Pennsylvania State University
Experience-dependent changes in behavior and brain state: Capacity and efficiency in visual perceptual learning Abstract
March 20 Dr. Donald H. Saklofske
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary
Intelligence... a few more 'knowns' Abstract
March 27 Dr. Rick E. Ingram
Department of Psychology
University of Kansas
Origins of cognitive risk for depression:  Mother can you help me build the wall? Abstract
May 1 Dr. Susan Gathercole
Department of Psychology
The University of York
Pathways through working memory to language and learning

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