Dr. Sabrina Chiarella

Vanier Children's Mental Wellness

871 Trafalgar Street
London, ON  N5Z 1E6
Telephone: (519) 433-3101, ext. 272
Email: schiarel@vanier.com 

Clinical interests: My clinical research interests and experiences have provided me with a strong foundation in conducting comprehensive assessments on children and adolescents, evaluating their cognitive, academic, social/emotional and behavioural functioning in order to provide recommendations to parents, schools, and community providers. I have experience with a number of assessment instruments and I have proficiency in a variety of intervention techniques, including CBT, CPS, DBT, behavioural management training, play therapy, narrative therapy and integrative methods. I have extensive experience in providing interventions within individual, family and group contexts. My work also includes working with preschoolers, children and adolescents and their families presenting with a range of psychopathologies. In addition to my work at Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness, I work in private practice. I am also currently the Track Coordinator for the Child and Adolescent Track of the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Guiding students through the assessment of preschoolers, children and adolescents with complex needs; Attachment and trauma

Type of clinical practica: Advanced assessment; Initial assessment

Types of clients: Adolescent; Child

Modality: Family; Group; Individual

Theoretical orientation: Behavioural; Cognitive; Cognitive behavioural; Family Systems

Types of client problems: Neurodevelopmental Disorders (e.g. Communication, Autism Spectrum, ADHD Disorders, etc.); Depressive Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders; Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders; Dissociative Disorders; Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders; Neurocognitive Disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Co-thearpy/Co-interview; Observe student live; Review audiotape with student; Student describes case

Recent students: C. Sarmiento (2020)

Current students

Clinical mentor: Not available

Research interests: Focusing on the development of empathy and emotion and understanding, and selective trust in infancy; development of selective trust, examining the extent to which infants modify their behaviour towards an individual whom had previously expressed unjustified emotions.

Available to supervise: No

Constraints: Unavailable until at least January 2024

Last updated: May 28, 2023