Current Students

Clinical Program Student Handbook

(New) 2022 Student Handbook

Requirements of the Clinical Psychology Program

Thesis and Course Requirements
Masters Degree
Ph.D. Degree
Program Requirements Review Form (pdf fillable)
Ethics and Professional Behaviour

Program Expectations Concerning Rate of Progress of Students

Masters Degree
Ph.D. Degree
Periodic Evaluation of Thesis Progress

Navigating Through the Clinical Psychology Program

Graduate Supervision - Issues and Information
Appeals - Issues and Information
Scholastic Offenses - Issues and Information
Students with Disabilities - Information
The Role of the Clinical Mentor (formerly Clinical Contact Person)
Personal Problems and Their Potential Interference with Clinical Work
Therapy for Students
Part-time Employment of Clinical Students

Clinical Psychology Graduate Courses

2022-2023 Psychology Graduate Courses

Clinical Practicum Training Opportunities

Clinical Training Settings
Clinical Adjunct Faculty
Clinical Practicum Planning and Procedures

Practicum Information and Forms

Procedures for Clinical Psychology Practica and Program Sanctioned Hours

INSTRUCTIONS - Completing Intent to Register in Practicum or Program Sanctioned Hours Form
INSTRUCTIONS - Numbering Conventions for Practicum or Program Sanctioned Hours
Guidelines for Documenting Clinical Training Hours
SAMPLE - Completed Tally of Practicum/PSH Hours Form
POLICY - Counting Research and Clinical Experiences as Program Sanctioned Hours

Forms for Clinical Psychology Practica and Program Sanctioned Hours

Tally of Practicum/PSH Hours Form (pdf fillable)
Intent to Register in a Practicum Course or Program Sanctioned Hours Form (pdf fillable)
Practicum Supervision Contract (pdf fillable)
Practicum or Program Sanctioned Hours Log Sheet (pdf fillable) or subscribe to Time2Track
Practicum or Program Sanctioned Hours Summary Sheet (pdf fillable)
Supervisor Evaluation of Student - Practica only (pdf fillable)
Honorarium Request Form - Practica only (pdf fillable)
Setting and Supervisor Evaluation Form - Practica only
Self-assessment of Growth Form - For personal use (pdf fillable)
Honorarium Request Form - Practica only (pdf fillable)
Student Immunization excluding flu (pdf)
Seasonal Flu Vaccination (pdf)
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or Private Insurance Coverage (pdf fillable)
     WSIB form only required one time.  Complete in MSc1.

Clinical Psychology Brownbags and Workshops

Brownbags and Workshops: General Information  
Psychology 9380 Course Outline & Proseminar Events - 2022-23 (pdf file)

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Comprehensive Examinations

Clinical Psychology Program Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination Guidelines and Process

Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internships/Residencies

Pre-Doctoral Clinical Internship - Determining Readiness to Apply
Policies and Procedure for Applying to Pre-Doctoral Internships
Tally of Practicum/PSH Hours Form (pdf fillable)
SAMPLE - Completed Tally of Practicum/PSH Hours Form

Internship Related Links:

Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC)
Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP)
CPA Internship Workbook

Graduate Student Conference and Professional Development Fund

The fund provides $250.00 in funding annually to fundable and active Masters and Doctoral students enrolled in the Department of Psychology Graduate Program. Although the Policy has recently been revised to include consideration of eligible expenses for Professional Development Activities ( related to internships or workshops; activity must be approved for reimbursement by Graduate Program Chair), please note that the total reimbursement amount for conference travel OR professional development remains the same - $250 per year.

Please read through the Graduate Student Travel Fund Policy carefully.

Clinical Psychology Test Library Information

Clinical Psychology Test Library Policy
Clinical Psychology Test Library Purchase Request Form (fillable pdf)