Adjunct Clinical Supervisors

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(Please note: The adjunct faculty application form is only available by request. We require prior involvement in our program before applying for adjunct status. For details, please visit the following link.)

Adjunct Appointment Requirements

Current Graduate Students

Clinical Training Settings

Practica Planning and Procedures for Supervisors 

  1. Ensuring Breadth and Depth of Training
  2. Sequencing of Practica Courses
  3. Prerequisites for Practicum courses
  4. Amount of Clinical Practicum Training
  5. Structure and Composition of Clinical Practicum Training
  6. Practicum Class
  7. Practicum Planning
  8. Practicum Paperwork
  9. Supervision Requirements
  10. Amount and Type of Supervision
  11. Supervision by individuals other than UWO psychology clinical adjunct faculty

Practicum Planning and Procedures
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Practica Forms

For Students

Intended Clinical Training Milestone Form 
Students complete the Intent to Register once a tentative arrangement has been made between the student and their prospective supervisor. The student will require the supervisor's signature before the form can be submitted. 

Setting and Supervisor Evaluation Form
Students complete the supervisor and setting evaluation form upon completion of the practicum placement. 

Practicum or Program Sanctioned Hours Log Sheet 
Students will add their hours to the log sheet (or to Time2Track online software) throughout the placement. At the end of the placement, the student will present the log sheet to the supervisor for approval and signature. 

Practicum or Program Sanctioned Hours Summary Sheet 
Students will complete and submit the summary sheet at the end of the placement. They will break down the hours into specific categories, and provide details about the clinical training experience. The student will present the summary sheet to the supervisor for approval and signature. 

For Supervisors

Practicum Supervision Contract 
The student and the supervisor work together to complete the supervision contract. The contract includes all details about the placement, and includes contact information for the student and the supervisor. The contract also outlines the roles and responsibilities of both parties. The student and the supervisor will need to sign the contract before it is submitted. 

Supervisor Evaluation of Student 
During a full-year placement, the supervisor must complete a midterm and a final evaluation of the student. The supervisor will review the evaluation with the student and both parties will sign before it is submitted.