Dr. Stephanie Dubois

Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care

ACE Service
St. Joseph's Health Care London
550 Wellington Road
London, ON  N6C 0A7
Telephone: (519) 455-5110, ext. 47351
Email: stephanie.dubois@sjhc.london.on.ca

Clinical interests: Psychological assessment and individual therapy for patients with persistent mental (affective, psychotic, personality) disorders in an inpatient setting. Theoretical approaches utilized: Integrative therapy. Informed by counter-transference-transference issues, trauma informed care, working alliance and process of change. Supervision emphasis on professional identity, mentoring, and advocacy. Approach to Assessment: Therapeutic Assessment.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Zero Suicide: Assessment and Intervention of Suicidal Patients; Trauma Informed Care - Burnout, Vacarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue

Type of clinical practica: Advanced Assessment

Types of clients: Adult

Modality: Individual

Theoretical orientation: Behavioural; Interpersonal process; Narrative; Integrative Trauma Informed; Psychodynamic

Types of client problems: Adjustment; PTSD, OC & related disorders, Anxiety disorders, Feeding & eating dis., Somatic symptoms & related disorders, Bipolar & related disorders, Dissociative disorders, Depressive disorders, Personality disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; Co-therapy/co-interview; Observe student live. 

Students who do well in this advanced assessment practicum are students who have foundational assessment skills (i.e. able to administer and score psychological tests fairly independently) and strong clinical skills. This practicum will offer a student the opportunity to integrate assessment and therapeutic skills. The student who wants to grow, step out of their comfort zone, integrate their foundational skills, refine their clinical/therapeutic skills and clinical judgement will be successful in this practicum. This advanced assessment practicum will help you learn a style/approach to assessment, and flexibly assess and understand patients in a therapeutic context.  Consideration given to advanced psychology students prior to applying for residency.

Recent students: C. Cutler (2019); J. Wilde (2021)

Current students: J. Gillies (2022)

Clinical mentor: Not available

Research interests:

Available to supervise: Yes

Constraints: Currently committed to supervise one student beginning January 2023. 

Last updated: June 8, 2022