Masters Degree

At the Masters level, the minimal requirements for all clinical students are as follows:

• Psychology 9380: Clinical Psychology Proseminar1 (take each year in Masters Program)
• Completion of a Masters Thesis (starts upon entry into Masters program)
• Psychology 9540: Research Design (Year 1 of Masters)
• Psychology 9300: Professional Foundations of Clinical Psychology (either Year 1 or 2 of Masters, dependent upon scheduling)
• Psychology 9301: Prepracticum in Clinical Skills (Winter Term of Year 1 of Masters)
• Psychology 9320:  Psychotherapy Approaches (either Year 1 or 2 of Masters, dependent upon scheduling)
• Completion of any remaining CPA cognate requirements (i.e., cognitive-affective, biological, social) if scheduling and course load permits.
• Psychology 9902A - Lifespan Psychopathology I: Concepts & Internalizing Disorders
• Psychology 9903B - Lifespan Psychopathology II: Externalizing & Other Disorders2 (either Year 1 or 2 of Masters, dependent upon scheduling)
• Consider completion of a clinical course that meets clinical research method requirements (e.g., Psych 9340; 9341; 9342; 9343 or 9344) if scheduling and course load permits.
• Enrollment in Psychology 9900 and Psychology 9901 (Clinical Assessment Practicum) either Year 1 or 2 of Masters, dependent upon scheduling. This includes course coverage of psychometric theory.
• Completion of either an undergraduate or graduate one-term course on History and Systems of Psychology (if not obtained prior to entry)3
• Typical course load at Master's level is 3 half-courses per term plus the Clinical Proseminar course.
• Department requirements for the Masters specify completion of Psych 9540, plus any additional area requirements.
• The departmental minimum course requirements for the MSc degree is 4 substantive half-courses.4  

1 Includes attendance and participation at all Clinical Workshops and Brownbags throughout entire Masters program.
2 Completion of either of these two courses can also fulfill the individual differences cognate requirement.
3 Students can also met this history requirement during the PhD 1-4 Years, if not completed by the end of the  Masters.
4 Psych 9380:  Clinical Proseminar is not included in the count of substantive courses.  All other graduate courses (including all clinical theory and practica courses) are included in the substantive course count.