In Remembrance

This page contains links to information regarding faculty members we have lost over the years. Please follow a link to learn more about our former colleagues and their research.

Dr. Peter Denny (1934-2024)

Dr. David Sherry (1950-2023) - Bio/Research

Dr. Tutis Vilis (1947-2023)

Dr. Zenon Pylyshyn (1937-2022)

Dr. Peter Hoaken (1971-2022) - Bio/Research

Dr. David Evans (1940-2021)

Dr. Peter Cain (1943-2020)

Dr. Thomas Siess (1935-2018)

Dr. Allan Paivio (1925-2016)

Dr. Sampo Paunonen (1952-2015)

Dr. Case Vanderwolf (1935-2015)*

Dr. William McClelland (1932-2015)

Dr. Fred Van Fleet (1935-2015)

Dr. Mary J. Wright (1914-2014)

Dr. Doreen Kimura (1933-2013)

Dr. Philippe Rushton (1943-2012)

Dr. Richard Allan Harshman (1943-2008)

Dr. Keith Humphrey (1948-2004)

Dr. Nancy Innis (1941-2004)

Dr. Douglas Jackson (1929-2004)

*Used with permission from Buzsáki, G. and Bland, B. H. (2015), Obituary: Cornelius H. Vanderwolf. Hippocampus, 25: 1191–1192. doi: 10.1002/hipo.22498